Communication Management
A Global Perspective for Identification & Corporate Branding

By Manikant Singh
May 2011
Global India Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789380228877
376 pages
$47.50 Paper original

The world of business is becoming increasingly reliant on language. This book is a practical guide for the general business reader to focus on how we use language in business. This book is well documented, well written, well researched and is up-to-date . It is more than a manual for business communicators. And is more than a book of do's and dont's.

The author skillfully draw upon a broad range of social sciences literature and their personal communication experience, both of which make this book invaluable in our understanding of the relationship between communication theory and practice.
This text offers readers an in-depth analysis and synthesis of multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to corporate communication, and gives clear indications of the pertinent best practice outcomes of theoretically based applications.

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