Complete Hebrew-English Dictionary,
New Enlarged Edition [2 Volume Set]

By Reuben Alcalay
June 2000
Miskal Publishing
ISBN: 965-448-185-5
2931 pages, 6 1/2" x 9 1/4"
$72.50 Hardcover

This dictionary is designed for the advanced student, the technician and the professional no less than the general reader. It incorporates thousands of Hebrew "technical terms", in the wide sense, that are lacking in the best Hebrew dictionaries so far available. The terms have been collected from specialized vocabularies, scientific and reference works, law books, and translations of every kind, including verses, and, above all, from the Press and the vernacular. The challenge of the need to find or coin Hebrew equivalents for innumerable English compounds, or compound-forming prefixes and suffixes, has led to a considerable enrichment of the Hebrew vocabulary.

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