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Confucianism in Chinese Culture

Edited By Cheu Hock-Tong
December 2000
Pelanduk Publications
ISBN: 967-978-686-2
212 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
$36.50 Paper Original

With the ability to adapt to time and change, Confucianism through the centuries, has managed to justify its relevance in contemporary society. Far from remaining static, it has consistently renewed itself along the course of history through reinterpretation and incorporation of new ideas. This ageless philosophy does not only limit itself to the sayings and writings of Confucius and his immediate disciples, but it also encompasses other Classics and those written by contemporary proponents. Forming part of Confucian literature, these in many ways, have contributed to the development and enrichment of Confucian ethics. This book is a contribution by seven distinguished sinologists to the development of Confucianism in contemporary society. Although varied in topic and scope, the book deals with two main themes: first, the nature of Confucianism as a religion and a philosophy, and second, the role of Confucianism in shaping Chinese culture and society. Both themes form the basis of discussion not only on the theoretical questions of ultimate concern and the conception of self, society and the cosmos, but also the practical aspects of Confucianism in Chinese culture and society, including its relevance of Confucianism as a world culture.