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Containers, Containerships & Quay Cranes

A Practical Guide

By Shan Shee Tack & Lee Hee Hiuat
December 2000
VT Editorial / Singapore University Press
ISBN: 9810429908
150 Pages, Illustrated
$42.50 paper original

This book serves as a practical guide to Port and Shipping Executives, Port Equipment Maintenance Personnel, Port Authorities, Port Regulators, Port Planners, and Executives involved in the procurement of containers, containerships, and quay cranes. It contains 18 chapters with 29 tabulations and 36 drawings of containers, containerships, and quay cranes. The highlights are as follows: Evolution. Business. Terminology. Principal Particulars. ISO Standards for Containers and Corner Castings. Ways to Enhance Vessel Rate. Quay Crane Productivity & Maintenance Efficiency. Manufacturers. Future Trends of Containers, Containerships, and Quay Cranes. Advantages & Disadvantages of RMG Crane, RTG Crane, and Straddle Carrier. Ranking of Container Terminals Worldwide.

Transportation; Shipping