Cross-Cultural Lifelong Learning
Associations with adverse events, response & survival
Acta Universitatis Tamperensis No. 1501


Edited By Vesa Korhonen
June 2010
Tampere University Press
Distributed By Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789514479441
379 pages
$87.50 Paper original

Globalisation, internationalisation, multiculturalism, immigration, and growing number of cross-cultural encounters are colorising the everyday life both in Western and Eastern parts of the world. However, in most cases, lifelong learning is normally studied in and around a certain condensed culture or from the dominant Western perspective. Thus it is important to ask how we should rebuild our conceptions of 'culture' or 'learning' in the context of these global cross-cultural trends, or how the dominant Western models of education and training really fit in a multicultural and globally interconnected world.

'Cross-cultural lifelong learning' aspires to arouse questions and discussion and elicit experiences and expectations of important themes which highlight the cross-cultural aspects of present-day lifelong learning. 'Intercultural sensitivity' is one core theme which is highlighted and discussed further. The chapters in this book address different phases in the life course from youth to adulthood and areas of lifelong learning in culturally diverse settings; like youth and citizenship education, higher and adult education, and working life. The chapters are offering cases from Nordic countries, Europe and Asia.

The book will interest students, teachers and researchers in international affairs and educational studies; as well as practitioners and counsellors working with immigrants and culturally diverse groups in educational institutions or working life.

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