Cultural & Historical
Reserves in Bulgaria
[In English & Bulgarian]

Edited By Hristo Ganchev
December 2003
Arch Publishers
ISBN: 9548931338
132 pages, Illustrated, 8 " x 11 "
$79.50 Paper Original

The book introduces the territories with the greatest density of monuments of culture dating from different periods, which are, among other things, emblematic of the immovable cultural and historical heritage of the Republic of Bulgaria. These territories are under the strictest regimes of protection and have been declared reserves in compliance with Bulgarian legislation.

The purpose of this edition is to promote this heritage as the background for the sustainable development of these territories and their use as a special type of economic resource. Cultural-archaeological reserves are settlements or parts thereof, complexes of immovable monuments of culture and historical locations of special historical, archaeological, architectural, ethnographic or museum importance. The reserves are listed under the Law on Culture and Museums.

Architecture; Archaeology

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