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Dimensions of Love

The Jewish Foundations of Love & Marriage

Shlomo Aviner Translated from the Hebrew by Bracha Slae.
Edited by Liora Silberstein
December 2000
Urim Publications
ISBN: 965-7108-16-0
215 Pages
$24.00 hardcover set

Topics include: Choosing a Partner for Life. Emotional Ups & Downs. Friendship. Commitment & Engagement. Love as an Irrational Emotion. Romantic Love. Unconditional Love. Love After Marriage. Eternal Love. Love of the Soul. Marital Relations. Being a Family. Complications and Resolutions: Wipe the Slate Clean. Helpmate. Learning to Live Together. Reconciliation. Respect. Counseling. Conversation & Communication: Expectations & Disappointments. Value of a Smile. Intimacy of Conversation. Humility. Privacy. Making Each Other Happy. The Source of All Love. Glossary.

Psychology; Religion