Deities of the Thracians

By Dimitar Popov & Valeria Fol
December 2010
TanNakRa Publishing House
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789543780594
324 pages, Illustrated
$199.50 Hardcover

In the world we live today neither the biggest, not the strongest among the countries in Europe is sufficiently big to oppose the problems of the globalizing world. Hence it is good to be together and united: united by the values we share, by the abolition of the death penalty, by the defense of human rights, by the demographic freedoms, by the respect for and defending of every human being. This is what unites us. More than history is doing, which can sometimes divide us.

Bulgarians are a freedom-loving nation. Spartacus was Bulgarian... Although back in those days he was not yet called that as the name of Bulgaria was Thrace. Today, Thracia and Dacia, former provinces of the Roman Empire are integral parts of a union that is not an empire...

This book investigates the Tracians - their sacred rituals, their beliefs and deities. The archaeological findings are much more eloquent about the sacred rituals, the faith-rite and the religiousness of the Thracians in the various regions of their lands and they suggest sophisticated cosmogonic and theogonic notions.

The Thracians constituted and integral part of the diverse ancient world of the Mediterranean region and Southeastern Europe. The faith of their kings dominated their entire lives and their historical conduct and this is why this book is quite important as looking in detail in the beliefs and rituals of Thracians and making analyses and suggestions that could explain other historical facts that have remained mystery for the contemporary person namely because the lack of understanding of the ancient religiousness that lead the lives of the ancient people. 

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