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Democratization in Indonesia
An Assessment

By the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA)
December 2000
International IDEA
ISBN: 91-89098-42-0
268 pages
$57.50 paper original

This book is not simply a report. It is both a product and a tool. A product in the sense that it is the outcome of a dialogue in which a broad range of Indonesians participated. They represent civil society, academics, politicians, media, women's and inter-faith organizations. A tool because it makes a set of practical policy recommendations, and shows that at different stages in the country's democratic evolution, the process of 'democratic dialogue' can be used as an effective, participatory problem-solving mechanism. It is hoped that this report will help identify the main democratic challenges that Indonesia faces and assist national policy makers in prioritizing the reform agenda. It is also helped that it will assist the international community to provide strategic assistance to the Indonesian community to develop their own, sustainable democratic processes and institutions.

History; Politics
Capacity-Building Series, No. 9