Depleted Uranium:
Deadly, Dangerous & Indiscriminate
The Full Picture

By Anne Gut & Bruno Vitale
Translated from the French By Peter Low
December 2003
ISBN: 0-85124-685-0
158 pages, 6" x 8 "
$24.00 Paper Original

Depleted Uranium projectiles are not only deadly when striking military vehicles. They also remain dangerous long after impact because of their radioactivity and chemical toxicity. In these ways, their effects can be indiscriminate. Yet the United States Department of Defense, the British Ministry of Defense and NATO assert that DU poses minimal risks. This is despite the growth of evidence to the contrary from both military and civilian victims. Reports from Iraq and Bosnia indicate that populations exposed to long-term contamination by DU are suffering increases in various health problems, of which childhood leukemia is one. This book scrutinizes the available evidence of the effects of DU on human health and the environment, and makes the case for stopping completely the manufacture, deployment and use of DU munitions.

Environmental Science; Politics

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