Development of Optically
Stimulated Luminescent
Materials for Personal
Fast Neutron Dosimetry

By Nicolas Le Masson
December 2003
Delft University Press
ISBN: 90-407-2471-7
176 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$59.50 Paper Original

This is a Ph.D. dissertation. Ionizing radiation consists of energetic particles (photons, electrons, neutron, etc) that can produce ionizations and excitations of atoms and molecules of the interacting medium. It has always been part of the human environment. Along with man-made sources, natural radioactive sources present in the Earth crust and cosmic radiation contribute to our continuous exposure to ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation can interact with the human body and can lead to health hazards.

Contents include: Introduction: Basic radiation protection concepts, quantities and units, Fast neutron dosimetry, Outline of this thesis; Selection Criteria of OSL Material Candidates for Personal Fast Neutron Dosimetry: Selection criteria of a material for fast neutron personal dosimetry, Selection criteria for an efficient OSL signal, Dimensions and shape; Experimental Techniques: Characterization of the material properties, Characterization of TL/OSL properties, Fast neutron generator; Luminescence and OSL Study of the Inorganic Compounds: CE3+ DOPED MGSO4, N H20 and TL+ DOPED NH4BR, (NH4)2BEF4 and (NH4)SIF6: Hydrates of magnesium sulfates doped with Ce3+, Ammonium salts, Generalities of sol-gel process, Series 1 TEOS/MTES, Series 2, Series 3; Study of the OSL/TL Properties in KMgF3:Ce3+ and NAMGF3:Ce3+: Introduction, KMgF3:Ce3+ - material and crystal structure, Absorption and prompt luminescence of KMgF3:Ce3+ crystals, OSL characteristics, Phenomenological study of the TL/OSL properties of KMgF3:Ce3+, Discussion on KMgF3:Ce3+ as an OSL material for y-dosimetry, Complete Phenomenological model of KMgF3:Ce3+, NaMgF3:Ce3+ TL/OSL properties; Preliminary Determination of Fast Neutron OSL Sensitivities, Experimental Section, Formalism, Results, Discussion; Conclusions and Outlook.


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