Developmental Dynamics of
Virgin Forest Reserves in the
Czech Republic, Volume 1
[with Map Inserts]

By Tomas Vrska, et al.
September 2002
Academia Knihkupectvi
ISBN: 80-200-0848-9
214 pages, Illustrated, 7" x 9 "
$110.00 Hardcover

It is to be openly said that there are no forest stands in the territory of the Czech Republic, which could be safely claimed not to have ever been directly influenced by man except for the extreme rock positions or peatlands. Even the most valuable forest reserves and the first zones of the national parks - which used to be called virgin forest forests in this country-bear traces of the anthropogenic impact although the traces do not necessarily have to be those of the commercial use. This is of course no reason to stop studying the developmental dynamics of these forest stands - on the contrary. It is important that it is captured in details and in the context with a detailed historical research in order to be evaluated, its original direction estimated and measured proposed and implemented, which would correspond to the mission of the given forest stand. Contents include: Forward, Acknowledgement, Introduction, Methodology, Nature Reserve Polom, National Nature Reserve Zakova Hora Mt, Generalization of Acquired knowledge, References.


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