Displacements of Deconstruction
The Deconstruction of Metaphysics of
Presence, Meaning, Subject & Method

By Marika Enwald
Translated from the Finnish By Gareth Griffiths & Kristiina Kolhi
September 2004
Tampere University Press
ISBN: 9514458907
338 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$99.50 Paper Original

This is a Ph.D dissertation. The author concentrates on the study and description of the transgressive side of deconstruction, that is, on how deconstruction changes the borders of philosophy, and on how particular philosophical problems and the central ideas of philosophy could be understood differently. The object of this study is the philosophical side of deconstruction, that is to say, traditional epistemological, ontological and even metaphysical questions.

How does Derrida rethink the philosophical notions of subjectivity, perception, meaning, language and being parallel to his critique of other thinkers? Through philosophical analysis, the justifications and consequences of Derrida's claims can be clarified and evaluated. The aim is to bring out the novelty and importance of his texts to philosophy and to relate them to the Western philosophical tradition.

Contents include: Introduction, The deconstruction of the metaphysics of presence, The deconstruction of meaning, Grammatology, The deconstruction of the subject, The question of the 'method' of deconstruction, Conclusion.

Acta Universitatis Tamperensis, No. 988

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