Elder Care Policies in China

The Social Value Foundation Is in the Family

By William T. Liu
Dec. 1998
World Scientific - Singapore University Press
ISBN: 981-02-3795-2
54 p.
$18.00 Paper Original


Contents include: What Is Old Age Care?; Problems of Explaining Caregiving Burden; Western Welfare State Policy of Elder Care: An Entitlement; Modernity and Bureaucracy; The Need for Primary Group Informal-Care and Support; The Family Is a Non-Substitutable Primary Group; Family Change and the Problem of Elder Care; Family-Centered Care Is Unfair to Women; The Sociological Perspective on Institutional Characteristics and Types of Care; The Question of Relative Burden in Caregiving; Towards Theoretic Framework in Research Design; Cultural Values, Kinship Structure and Caregiving Relations; China’s Current Impending Ageing Crisis; The Social Value Base of China’s Elder Care Policy; The Erosion of Filial Piety as the Basis of Elder Care in China, Any Evidence?; seven other sections.

Asian Studies
Series: East Asian Institute Occasional Paper

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