Epochs & Styles
Selected Writings on the New Testament, Greek
Language & Greek Culture in the Post-Classical Era

By Albert Wifstrand
TRANSLATED from the Swedish by Denis Searby
September 2005
Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 3161486277
258 pages, 6 " x 9 "
$142.50 Hardcover

This book contains essays by Albert Wifstrand, most of which have previously only been published in Swedish. The author brings his range of learning and insight to bear on fundamental questions regarding the Greek of the New Testament. By bringing a full range of stylistic, grammatical and socio-historical data into consideration, Wifstrand finds a place for the language of the New Testament within the evolution of post-classical Greek.

This includes full appreciation of the so-called classicist renaissance in language and culture in the early Empire and its influence on the development of later Greek. Writers that he treats in detail include the New Testament authors of Luke and Acts, and the Epistles of James and Peter, Melito, and Galen, among others.

Part One: New Testament
1. Luke & Greek Classicism.
2. Luke & the Septuagint.
3. Epistles of James & Peter.
4. Word Order.
5. Language & Style of the New Testament.
Part Two: Greek Language
6. Greek Prose Style.
7. Greek & Modern Prose Style.
8. Homily of Melito on the Passion.
Part Three: Greek Culture in the Post-Classical Era
9. Classical & Post-Classical Greeks.
10. Roman Empire & the Greeks.
11. Focus on the Child.
12. Son of Fortune, Son of Affliction.
13. The Centre.
14. Sidelights on Greek Culture from a Medical Writer.
Index of Ancient Sources & People.
Index of Modern Authors.
Index of Subjects.

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament, No. 179

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