Erotic Pathos, Rhetorical Pleasure

Narrative Technique & Mimesis in Eumathios
Makrembolites' Hysmine & Hysminias

By Ingela Nisson
June 2001
Uppsala University Press
ISBN: 91-554-4970-0
329 pages
$52.50 paper original

This Ph.D. dissertation examines the 12th-century Byzantine novel Hysmine & Hysminias, a work modeled on the ancient Greek Leukippe & Kleitophon. There are three main parts to this research: a narratological analysis of the novel itself, a comparative study of the novel and its Greek model, and a discussion on imitation and transtextuality with a point of departure in the quotations of, and allusions to, ancient literature in Hysmine & Hysminias.

Byzantine Literature
Studia Byzantina Upsaliensa, No. 7

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