Europe Can Afford to Work
Strategies for Growth & Employment
in the European Community

By Francis Cripps & Terry Ward
ISBN: 0-85124-551-X
60 p.
$47.50 Cloth

The European Community in the 1990s faces severe problems of low growth, inadequate employment creation, and high and rising unemployment, without the policy means of addressing these problems effectively. During the present recession, which in 1992 spread right across Europe, the number of people out of work has risen virtually everywhere, in many places from levels which were already unacceptably high. Recovery is widely expected to be slow in coming and modest in scale.

All this poses a major challenge for the left in Europe. Because of the severe constraints on national policy action, programmes for growth , employment creation, and social justice require a community-level platform for their effective implementation. Cities and local authorities are critical agents in this work.

Above all, it must be emphasised that sustaining adequate rates of growth and job creation, improving environmental infrastructure, and achieving social goals are primary objectives of policy, rather than residual aims only to be tackled once financial stability and low inflation have been secured.

European Studies

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