Europeanization of
Defence Industry Policy

By Malena Britz
Stockholm Studies in Politics, No. 103
December 2004
Stockholm University, Department of Political Science
ISBN: 9172659165
258 pages, 6 ¾” x 9 ½”
$99.50 Paper Original

Europeanization has become a frequently used word, both in the everyday debate about society and in social science literature. Drawing from both European integration theory and new institutional organization theory, this study investigates to what extent the changes in the Swedish defense industry policy area from 1989-2001 are part of a process of Europeanization.

It analyzes the creation of a European defense industry market, the question of Swedish defense equipment supply, and examines the most important actors in the Swedish defense equipment supply process, including the role and organization of the Swedish Defense Material Administration. A small comparison between developments in Sweden and developments in France and the UK is also made to enable a discussion of what is unique in the Swedish development.

European Integration. Trends in Defence Industry Policy Area--Security, Economy, Technology. Creating European Rules for Defence Industry--European Parliament, The EU Commission, The EU Council. Restructring the Defence Industry--Sweden, The UK, and France. Equipment Acquisition & Procurement--Equipment Supply in the 1990s, Swedish Policies, Changes Due to EEA Agreement & EU Membership. Swedish Defence Materiel Administration. Outlook for France and the UK--Procurement Processes, the French DGA and the British Defence Procurement Agency. Appendices. Bibliography.

Political Science

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