Endohelminth Fauna of Barbel,
Barbus barbus (L.),Under Ecological
Conditions of the Danube Basin in Central Europe

By Frantisek Moravec et al.
December 1997
ISBN: 80-200-0647-8
96 pages, illustrated
$54.50 paper original

This publication presents the results of broad, international parasitological investigations into the endohelminth fauna of barbel in the Danube River basin in Central Europe, carried out in several localities with different ecological conditions on the territory of Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic from April 1992 until November 1994. In addition to the faunistical part (a total of 20 species were recorded), this work comprises new data on the biology and ecology of this significant group of barbel parasites, with emphasis on their seasonal cycles of occurrence and maturation in fish, dependence of the parasite fauna on the host's age, frequency distribution, composition of helminth communities in relation to local ecological conditions in the locality, etc.

Parasitology; Ecology
Studie 3/1997

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