English-Bulgarian Technical Dictionary, 3rd edition
[English & Bulgarian]

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November 2009
Technica Publishing House
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789540306711
1320 pages
$257.00 Hardcover

In the dictionary includes about 90,000 terms and terminological combinations from different fields of science and technology. As a basis for compiling the dictionary of English ( Glossary ) have used modern English and American books, directories, yearbooks , encyclopedias , and bilingual and multilingual technical dictionaries. Used are also many new English and American magazines, leaflets and catalogs, thanks to which the dictionary and are given entirely new terms. For many new concepts still found no relevant Bulgarian words. In such cases, authors have tried to give the most correct translation of English terms , and where necessary - and some clarifications. In general, the dictionary is used officially adopted English spelling. When differences between British and American spellings are also American forms.

Where there are differences in the terms adopted in the UK and U.S. for the same term in the dictionary are given both terms . It should be noted that U.S. influence in the field of technical terminology is too hard. In some cases, even the U.S. terms to be imposed starting in the UK , eg . analog, program. Trade and company names are not highly, except when they acquired citizenship (eg nylon). For many English terms are given several Bulgarian synonym or podznacheniya . To avoid errors in these cases should occur linguistic resourcefulness . It is advisable never to use unfamiliar words taken directly from the dictionary without having to check in their precise meaning in accordance with the translated material. It should be borne in mind that close the special terms should be sought in appropriate branch and monolingual dictionaries.

As in Britain and especially in the U.S. is widely used abbreviations at the end of the dictionary is a large number of acronyms that relate to technology. Are given in annex tables with British and American units of measurement and their relationships with the units of the system. The dictionary is intended for a wide range of readers who enjoy scientific and technical literature in English.

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