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Erotographic Metafiction: Aesthetic Strategies
and Ethical Statements in John Hawkes's 'Sex Trilogy'

By Ulf Cronquist
December 2000
Almqvist & Wiksell International
ISBN: 91-628-4150-5
223 pages
$63.00 paper original

This thesis focuses of John Hawkes's thematization of sexuality and textuality in The Blood Oranges, Death, Sleep and the Traveler and Travesty. The author's aim is to create an analytical space in which the interrelation of erotic desires and textual self-commentary unfold.

Introduction. Various positions for a novelist noveau: theoretical backgrounds to the analyses of Hawkes's trilogy. The Blood Oranges: Cyril's lyric: "I am a match, I hope, for the hatred of conventional enemies wherever they are." Albert's still life: "Every Man Is an Island." Papa's no to none, or, the torture of a modernist. Conclusion. Works cited.

Gothenburg Studies in English, No. 78