Essay on Thomas Reid's Philosophy of Science
Stockholm Studies in Philosophy, No. 28

By Robert Callergard
October 2006
Stockholm University Doctoral Thesis
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ISBN: 9185445320
164 pages, 6 1/2 x 9 1/2"
$72.50 Paper Original

Partial Contents:

Chapter One: To Be a Newtonian
Reformation of Natural Philosophy
Demarcation of Physics
Religious Concerns
Reid at Odds with Prominent Newtonians

Chapter Two: Extent of Newton's Methodology
From Physics to Morals
Study of Mind

Chapter Three: Newton's First Rule & Explanation
Inductive Principle
Ideal of Simplicity

Chapter Four: Hypotheses & Ether
Reid and feign
Maclaurin and feign
Hume's Use of feign
Applying Newton's First Rule

Chapter Five: Newtonian Forces of Attraction
Laws of Nature & Efficient Causes
Causes of Gravity
Existence of Forces
Forces as Objects of Perception

Chapter Six: Epilogue
Physics & Beyond
Physical Explanation

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