Estimation & Control of Resonant Systems with Stochastic Disturbances
Uppsala Dissertations from the Faculty of Science & Technology No. 74

By Peter Naucler
September 2008
Uppsala University Press
ISBN: 9789155471873
308 p. Illustrated
$62.50 Paper Original


1. Introduction
2. Modeling & Control of Resonant Structures
3. Stochastic Estimation & Control
4. Modeling & Control of a Viscoelastic Piezolaminated Beam
5. On the Tradeoff Between Feedback Properties & Disturbance Attenuation for a Cantilever Beam System
6. A Mechanical Wave Diode: Using Feedforward Control for One-way Transmission of Elastic Extensional Waves
7. Feedforward Design for a System with Marginally Stable Inverse
8. Separation of Waves Governed by the One-dimensional Wave Equation-a Stochastic Systems Approach
9. Linear & Nonlinear Regression with Application to Unbalance Estimation

Information Technology

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