Estonian Lepidoptera
[In English & Estonian]

By Urmas Jurivete, et al.
June 2000
Estonian Lepidopterologists' Society
ISBN: 9985-78-005-1
150 pages, 6 " x 9 "
$99.50 Paperback

The present catalogue is a result of a co-operative effort of the members of the Estonian Lepidopterologists' Society. It reflects the current level of knowledge about lepidopteran fauna of Estonia. The catalogue considers a species belonging to the Estonian fauna if it has been recorded during the two last centuries. A species is included if unambiguously labeled collection specimens exist, or there are reliable published records that include data on collection site and date. These species are listed numerically in the catalogue. As an exception, a few species widespread in the Baltic region were included even if the information on labels was insufficient for determining the exact the exact collection localities. The numbers were not recorded in Estonia. Some species were found to deserve specific comments. A number following a species' name in the list refers to the corresponding text.


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