European Challenge
From Atlantic Alliance to Pan-European Entente for Peace & Jobs

By Andre Gunder Frank
November 1993
ISBN: 0-85124-368-1
96 pages, 5 3/4 x 8 1/2"
$37.50 hardcover

"After the Second World War, the world settled into an apparently stable framework which endured for decades. To many people, it seemed unthinkable that this mould could ever be broken.

But today aggravated economic crisis, political fractures, and growing disarray and discontent within the two great power blocs are rapidly undermining this post-war world settlement. What is happening to the "Atlantic" system?

What is the basis of "West-West Conflict"? Is a new world balance taking shape? These are the issues confronted by Andre Gunder Frank in his important new work. Always sharply to the point, Professor Gunder Frank does not duck any of the implications of the present gathering crisis. I hope that this book will be studied throughout the disarmament movement, and among all those who wish to explore an alternative political future for Europe." -Ken Coates


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