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Exploring English Grammar, 2nd Edition

By Anne-Marie Vandenbergen
December 1995
ISBN: 90-5350-348-X[book cover]
271 pages
$44.00 paperback

As an introduction to the systematic study of English grammar for advanced learners, this book distinguishes itself from the merely practical, pedagogical school grammar on the one hand and the specialized linguistic grammar on the other hand. Assuming a basic knowledge of the rules of English on the part of the reader, its main concern is to familiarize the student with grammatical analysis and technical vocabulary such as they are today, thus preparing him or her for a more specialized study of the language. The author has successfully steered a middle course between presenting grammatical issues in their most bewildering complexity and simplifying the subject matter to the extent of distortion. As the average student of English takes a keen interest in English literature and culture in particular, grammatical description is illustrated with quotes from literature, nursery rhymes, and various other sources.

Language Studies