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Federalism: Choices in Law, Institutions & Policy
A Comparative Approach with Focus on the Russian Federation

Edited by Katlijn Malfliet & Liliana Nasyrova
December 1998
ISBN: 90-5350-725-6
230 pages
$57.50 hardcover

The aim of this research is to look, comparatively, for solutions and answers that different countries employed for the problem of creating a working federalism (i.e., a federalism adapted to the concrete situation of the country). To stimulate discussion we formulated theses and antitheses on the various issues discussed. Specialists in constitutional law and political sciences were invited to present their ideas on one or more of these theses or to simply give, from their point of view, a general opinion. Contents: Foreword. Theses and antitheses. Principles of federalism and regionalism. Problems of the multinational federal state. Asymmetric federation. Federal and regional levels: Demarcation of powers.