Freyr's Offspring: Rulers &
Religion in Ancient Svea Society

By: Olof Sundqvist
July 2002
Uppsala University
ISBN: 9155452639
420 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$68.50 paper original

This study elucidates the relationship among rulers & religion of the Svear in Eastern Scandinavia during the Late Iron Age.

Topics include: Sacral Kingship. Ynglinga Traditions. Society of the Svear. Uppsala. Rulership Ideology. Genealogy. Leader & Protector of the Cult. Crises & Divination Rituals. Adils & Horse-Ceremonies. Disorder & Regicide. Ruler's Funeral Feast. Rulers & Death. Medieval Transformation in Svetjud & Uppsala. Divine Descent. From Cult Leader to Lord of Peace. From the Veneration of Dead Rulers to the Cult of St Erik. References.

Historia Religionum No. 21

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