Faith in Education
The Role of the Churches in Education:
A response to the Dearing Report on
Church Schools in the Third Millennium

By John Burn, John Marks, et al.
Foreword by Brian Griffiths
December 2001
Civitas: The Institute for the Study of Civil Society[bookcover]
ISBN: 1-903-386-14-4
80 pages, illustrated
$16.50 paper original

Church schools are so popular that they are oversubscribed. Parents appreciate them both for their moral ethos and their better-than average exam results. The report of the Archbishops’ Council (the Dearing Report) has recommended the creation of another hundred Church of England secondary schools to meet the demand.

The contributors to this collection of essays – which began as a submission to Lord Dearing's inquiry – all welcome the findings of the Report, with its emphasis on moral values and strong leadership. However, whilst church schools perform, on average, better than local education authority schools, there are still enormous variations in standards.

Many church schools fail their students just as local authority schools do. Students perform, on average, well below expectations, particularly in the higher age ranges. This is because church schools have all too often followed received educational opinion, instead of striving to achieve high standards.

The authors of Faith in Education advocate an approach to faith-based education which will ensure both pastoral and academic success.


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