Fish Invasions of the Mediterranean Sea
Change & Renewal


Edited By Daniel Golani & Brenda Appelbaum-Golani
May 2010
Distributed By Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789546425263
332 pages, Illustrated
$132.50 Paper Original

Biological invasions are one of the major factors affecting ecosystems throughout the world. The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most dynamic marine ecosystems in the world and is subject to ongoing invasions of marine organisms. This book focuses on fish invasions of the Mediterranean and presents the latest research on this subject. This comprehensive book includes chapters written by experts on paleontology, climate change, zoogeography, genetics, parasitology, biological monitoring and conservation, as well as chapters devoted to regional and local issues of countries surrounding the Mediterranean, written by experts from those countries. The editors of this book, Dr. Daniel Golani and Brenda Appelbaum-Golani of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, have conducted ichthyological research for over three decades and have published numerous books and articles on fish invasions and biodiversity.

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