Flying GLARE
A Contribution to Aircraft Certification
Issues on Strength Properties in Non-Damaged
& Fatigue Damaged GLARE Structures

By Thomas Beumler
July 2004
Delft University Press
ISBN: 9040724814
486 pages, Illustrated, 8 " x 11 "
$110.00 Paper Original

This Ph.D. dissertation is addressing the most important items which have to be considered if a structural material develops from the laboratory status to an aircraft application. The ultimate proof for the material is the certification as part of an aircraft component by the dedicated Airworthiness Authorities.

Therefore, relevant FAR/JAR25 paragraphs and strength prediction and justification methods are discussed for the GLARE application. Included in the analysis are predictions of the long term behavior of GLARE, supported by an outdoor exposure program. The environmental influences on material properties, design values and on the strength justification methods are investigated and validated with test specimens which copy the design of Airbus full scale test specimens.

Partial contents include: Airworthiness Regulations and Aircraft Certification (Fiber crack bridging. Fatigue damages in riveted joints. In GLARE joints.)
Design Criteria and Design Factors for Riveted Joints (Fatigue strength justification. Material characteristics. Manufacturing quality. Fastener type. Surface treatment. Load spectrum. Size effect. Temperature & environment influences.)
Outdoor Exposure Test Program. (A240-600 artificial butt joint. Megaliner Barrel riveted repair. Specimen types. Surface protection.)
Accelerated Diffusion (Diffusion at sheet edges and bore holes. Diffusion coefficients. Moisture reference.)
Tropic Ageing. (Meteorological data and MRS outdoor diffusion. Accelerated ageing procedure.)
Elementary Investigations. (Crack initiation. COD measurements. Crack propagation. Single hole blunt notch. Residual strength of filled hole outdoor exposure specimens.Bearing strength. Rivet pull.)
Riveted Joint Investigations.(Crack initiation curves, circumferential joint. Lap joint. Fatigue crack propagation in riveted joint coupons. Miner Rule and Load spectrum factors. Joint yield strengths.)
Miscellaneous. (Returning outdoor exposure speciments. Bonded repair panels. Riveted repair panels. Door corner cut out.)
22 appendices.
Summary and Conclusions.

Aerospace Engineering; Aviation

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