Food, Poverty & Power

By Anne Buchanan

December 1982
ISBN: 0-85124-351-7
123 pages, Illustrated, 5 " x 8 "
$27.50 hardcover

The author sets out to explode several myths about the continuing massive problem of famine and malnutrition in the Third World. Dismissing birth control and modern technology as utterly inadequate panaceas based on mistaken premises, she carefully analyzes the world's distribution of resources and uncovers the roots of hunger in the social and economic structures within which the people of the South are forced to 'develop.'

Drawing on a wealth of examples, she shows how the multinational agribusiness serves to increase the disparities between nations and between regions and classes within nations. While the so-called Green Revolution of modern technology in the Third World has really benefited only the rich, its sheer inefficiency in terms of non-renewable resource usage and its ecological destructiveness are also storing up trouble for the industrialized world. Alternatives exist, but does the political will to use them?

Socialist Renewal, No. 13

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