Forest & Wildlife Laws

By Sunil Pahwa
May 2011
Global India Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789380228860
378 pages
$47.50 Paper original

This book describes that how conservation law and politics in vogue since British time has pleasant effect on the life of marginalized people. Conservation of forest is certainly a necessity that requires to be addressed as a priotity. For the survival of human beings, a holistic approach is required to be adopted as regards protection of the plant kingdom as well as the wildlife with regard to the peaceful and mutually beneficial co-existence of all.

Towards achieving this many legislation have been enacted in India and elsewhere. At the international level also the world communities, being concerned with the deteriorating situation worldwide, have joined hands towards finding a lasting and sustainable solution by deliberating on the subject in various conventions. This book covers all the wildlife and forest laws governing in the country.

There are legislations galore to deal with the situation by way of wildlife protection, forest conservation, environment protection laws etc. This book is covering all the wildlife and forest laws applicable in country to protect the environment and indirectly human life that's why it is beneficial for forest and wildlife officers, students, researchers and for all those engaged in wildlife.


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