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Generic Classification of the Beetle Family Tetratomidae
(Coleoptera, Tenebrionoidea) of the World with
Description of New Taxa

By Nikolai B. Nikitsky
July 1999
ISBN: 9546420395
80 pages, illustrated
$48.00 paper original

"This book demonstrates a complete revision of the family, offering a pattern to follow when preparing any coleopterological treatise." -- Prof Gleb S. Medvedevof the Russian Entomological Society.

A new classification of the poorly-known mycetoxylophilous beetle family Tetratomidae is advanced in the scope of the world fauna. Detailed descriptions and accounts are given, and keys are presented both to adults and larvae, so far as known. Numerous taxonomic novelties are proposed.

Pensoft Series Faunistica, No. 9