Guide to the Butterflies
of the Palearctic Region
Lycaenidae Part II

Edited By G.C. Bozano
October 2004
Omnes Artes
ISBN: 8887989060
94 pages, Illustrated, 8 " x 11 "
$157.50 Paper Original

The present volume is the seventh of the series. Although the way remaining to complete the series and cover all the palearctic taxa is yet extremely long, the editor is pleased to appreciate that so far, including this volume, over 400 species have been covered. Moreover, the number of worldwide lepidopterists that are contributing to the project is growing, so that reaching the end looks now a less unrealistic objective.

The authors of this volume have covered the following subjects: Neolycaena, Superflua, Armenia and part of Rhymnaria, the Rhymnaria species from Siberia, Mongolia and China and the subgenus Satyrium. As in the previous issues of the series, the availability of specimens from remote and little known areas has allowed to clarify some taxonomic problems. All the taxonomic changes established in the present volume are listed after the Introduction chapter.

Lycaenidae Part II

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