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Genera of Australo-Pacific Rhadinocybinae and Myrmacicelinae
with biogeography of the Apionidae (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea)
and phylogeny of the Brentidae (s. lato)

By Marek Wanat
December 2001
ISBN: 83-914336-1-7
432 pages, illustrated
$137.50 hardcover

The genera of Rhadinocybinae and Myrmacicelinae of the Australo-Pacific are revised based on the material of over 3,600 specimens representing ca. 360 species, most of them undescribed. Diagnoses, descriptions and illustrations for each genus are provided. Keys to the subfamilies and supertribes of Apionidae and to the genera of Rhadinocybinae are given.

Author biography:
Marek Wanat was born in 1958 in Lodz, where he studied at the Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences, Lodz University, earning his M.Sc. for a dissertation on the weevil fauna of his home city. In 1984 he took the position of a professor's assistant/curator of insect collections at the Museum of Natural History, Wroclaw University, where he got his Ph.D. in 1993 for his systematic study on the apionid tribe Ceratapiniini and where he works today.