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Generalized Nets in Artificial Intelligence
Volume 1: Generalized Nets & Expert Systems

By K. Atanassov
December 1998
"Prof. Marin Drinov" Academic Publishing House
ISBN: 954-430-538-6
143 pages, illustrated
$64.50 paper original

Generalized Nets (GN) are extensions of Petri nets. In this book, the basic definitions and properties related to the concept of GN are introducted and a review of the research on GNs is given. The idea that the separate areas of the Aritificial Intelligence can be described in the frameworks of a common underlying mathematical theory is discussed and GNs are recommended for this purpose. Ways of GN-based representation of the functioning and performance results of various types of Expert Systems are discussed. Some future possibilities for GN-des criptions of Expert Systems are discussed.

Artificial Intelligence