Get Acquainted With Macedonia
[In English & Macedonian]

By Kosta Adzievski, et al.
December 2003
ISBN: 9989-9536-1-9
150 pages, Illustrated, 9 " x 12 "
$195.00 Hardcover

Contents include: Macedonia in the Antiquity and the Middle Ages, Macedonia in XV - XIX Century, Administrative-social organization, Ottoman feudalism, Transformation of the feudal system - "chifligarship", Demographic movements, Social structure of the population, Resistance against the Ottoman rule, The Ohrid Archiepiscopy, Period of anarchy and banditry, Culture and way of living, Macedonia in the XIX and the Beginning of the XX Century, Macedonia in the first half of the XIX century, The social life -education - church struggles, Macedonia in the second half of the XIX century, the course to war was opened, Affirmation of the Macedonian national idea, The National Movement of Metropolitan Teodosij Gologanov, The Ilinden Uprising, Macedonia after the Ilinden Uprising, Macedonia Between the Two Worlds Wars, The Vardar part of Macedonia, The Aegean part of Macedonia, The Pirin part of Macedonia, National Liberation Antifascist War in Macedonia 1941-1945, Occupation of Macedonia, The beginning of the uprising in Macedonia (1941) and its development in 1942, The stirring up of the uprising in 1943 and its transformation into a national liberation and antifascist war, Massive antifascist war and liberation of Macedonia 1944, The February campaign and the Spring Offensive in 1944, The first session of ASNOM, The liberation of Macedonia, Macedonia After the Second World War 1945-1991, Administrative-centralist period (1945-1953), The "self-management socialism" (1953-1970), Liberalism and agreed economy (1971-1991), The disintegration of SFRJ and the independence of Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia 1991-2000.

Geography, History

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