Global Changes & New Challenges of 21st Century
2nd International Conference, Faculty of Geology, Sofia 2005

Edited by Maria Vodenska
September 2006
Sofia University: Faculty of Geology & Geography
Distributed by
ISBN: 9540723469
200 pages, Illustrated, 7 7/8 x 11 1/4"
$97.50 Paper Original

Partial Listing of Papers:

Complexity of Geography Science
World Energy Problem
The European Landscape Convention
Tourism in the Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian Region
Management of Tourist Companies
Pragmatic Cartography
Globalization & Population
Globalization in Tourism
Restructuring of Agricultural Production
Plain Water Resources
Solar Wind and the Magnetospheric Door
Global Warming and the Biosphere
Unemployment--A Global Problem
Global Distribution Systems
Bulgarian Biogeographic Range
Volume and Regime of Water Resources
River Sediments
Field Geological Data by Database
The Kyoto Protocol


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