Global Education Industry, 2nd Edition

By James Tooley
Foreword by Birgitta Kantola
December 2001
Institute of Economic Affairs
ISBN: 0-255-36503-9
189 pages
$29.50 paper original

The first edition of this pioneering book produced surprising conclusions from research around the world into the extent of private education. James Tooley challenged the prevailing wisdom that private education fosters social and economic inequality.

On the contrary, he found that the private sector, as well as being innovative, often provides creative social responsibility programmes, subsidised places and student loan schemes. He concluded with a proposal about the role of for-profit education enterprises in promoting equitable development.

In this second edition, Professor Tooley contributes a new preface which shows how his work has developed and extended into other countries. In particular, he provides a fascinating account of how private education is flourishing in China.

Education; Politics
Hobart Paper, No. 141

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