Global Auction of Public Assets
Public Sector Alternatives to the Infrastructure Market & Public Private Partnerships

By Dexter Whitfield
December 2009
ISBN: 9780851247731
376 pages
$42.50 Paper original

Public infrastructure in the 21st century is confronted with new challenges - adapting to climate change, meeting the economic, energy, water, transportation and social infrastructure needs of megacities in Asia, megaregions in North America and European city regions.



1. Global crisis and the new infrastructure agenda
2. The political economy of infrastructure
3. Transformation and globalization of infrastructure
4. Infrastructure - the new global wealth machine?
5. Growth of global private infrastructure investment market
6. Global spread of PPPs and privatisation
7. Trading portfolios of schools, hospitals, and prisons
8. Abandoned and terminated projects
9. Impacts of infrastructure PPPs and privatisation
10. Strategies for public investment
11. Strengthening strategic alliances for the future


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