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Gog & Magog

Ezekiel 38-39 as Pre-text for
Revelation 19, 17-21 & 20, 7-10

By Sverre Boe
July 2001
J.C.B. Mohr, Germany
ISBN: 3-16-147520-8
420 Pages
$104.50 paper original

The names Gog and Magog are found in the Old testament in the Pseud-Epigrapha & the Qumran-writings, in the Targums and in other Jewish texts, in the New Testament, in the writings of the Church fathers, and even in the Koran. In most of these texts Gog and Magog are persons or nations opposing God's people in the endtime tribulations. The author focuses on John's use of these terms and refers to several hundred scholarly works on the subject.

WissUNT zum Neun Testament Ser. II, No. 135