Grasping Safely
Instruments for Bowel Manipulation Investigated

By Hans de Visser
October 2003
Delft University Press
ISBN: 90-407-2421-0
131 pages, Illustrated, 6 1/2" x 9 "
$49.50 Paper Original

This is a Ph.D. dissertation. As part of the Minimally Invasive Surgery and Interventional Techniques (MISIT) program of the Delft University of Technology, the project presented in this thesis was set up to develop instruments for minimally invasive surgery. To further specify this assignment a clinically driven approach was used. This approach implies that the engineer establishes a continuing interaction with surgeons through discussions, brainstorming sessions and regular visits to the operating room. Several important problems in laparoscopy, keyhole surgery in the abdomen, were identified and discussed with the collaborating surgeons. It was decided to improve the safety during manipulation of the bowel by improving the design of the jaws of the graspers with which the bowel is manipulated. Contents include: Introduction, Problems in Laparoscopy, Analysis of a laparoscopic bowel grasper, Design Criteria, Design Process, Discussion, Further Steps, Conclusion.

Surgery; Laparoscopy

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