Greek Science: Its Meaning to Us

By Benjamin Farrington
Introduction by Joseph Needham
December 2000; Reprint of the 1953 edition
ISBN: 0-85124-631-1
320 Pages
$38.50 paper original

This is a reprint of the 1953 edition of the work, which has been called the best account of its subject matter ever prepared. It provides an introduction to the development of Greek and Hellenistic science set against its social background.

Topics include: Chief Periods & Schools. Debt to Older Civilizations. Pythagoras. Parmenides. Empedocles. Anaxagorus. Democritus. Hippocratic Medicine. Before an After Socrates. The Sophists. Socratic Revolution. Plato and Natural Philosophy. Aristotle. Academy After Plato. Lyceum After Aristotle. Teleology. Strato. Organization of Learning. Greek & Roman Age. Pliny. Strabo. Ptolemy. Galen. Conclusions.

Science History; Ancient History

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