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Collection of Entomological Articles

Edited by Sergei Churkin
December 2000
Sovetsky Sport
ISBN: 5-85009-617-5
135 pages, illustrated
$68.00 paper original

A collection of 10, mainly taxonomic papers on butterflies from various regions of the former Soviet Union. Contents: Revision of the Erebia radians species-group from Tian-Shan and Pamiro-Alai Regions. New species of Erebia Dalman from Tian-Shan. Revision of Melitaea fergana Staudinger, 1882. Revision of the Melitaea asteroida species-group with new taxa descriptions. Taxonomical notes on Melitaea ambrisia Higgins, 1935 and Melitaea alraschid Higgins, 1941, stat. n. from the Central Asia. New taxa of Palaearctic Bleus. Four new subspecies of the Nymphalid butterflies. Two new subspecies of the genus Boloria Moore. New species of the Satyrid butterflies. The descriptions of new taxa of Melitaea Minerva Staudinger, 1881 and Melitaea pallas Staudinger, 1886.