History of British Socialism, 2nd Edition
A Worker's Inquiry

By Max Beer

December 1984
ISBN: 0-85124-408-4
271 pages, Illustrated, 8 " x 11 "
$42.50 paperback

Max Beer's History is a classic, not only because it was a brilliant pioneering study when it was first published in 1919, but also because it is still urgently relevant to a new generation of socialists.

Just as Beatrice Webb complained that her comrades has 'borrowed' it, while Tawney celebrated it in a justly famous essay, so today there are many who will treasure its radical insights into the ideas of these British thinkers, many of whom have long been ignored or forgotten in most of our schools and some of our universities.

Politics in Modern Britain will make more sense to those who really study this book. This illustrated edition carries Tawney's original foreword to the first English edition, with a new introduction by Ken Coates.

Politics; History

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