Hand Book of Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management

By Sushil Masih
May 2011
Global India Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789380228945
272 pages
$45.00 Paper Original

Tourism is an activity done by an individual or a group of individuals, which leads to a motion from a place to another. From a country to another for performing a specific task, or it is a visit to a place or several palce in the purpose of entertaining which leads to an awareness of other civilizaions and cultures, also increasing the knowledge of countries, cultures, and history.

Tourism has a direct impact on the national revenue for all touristic countries, it creates work opportunities, industries , and several investments to serve and raise nations performance and cultures, also distributes their history, civilization, and traditions. This book is prepared keeping in mind the needs of travelers, tourists, travel agents, students and for all those associated with travel and hospitality industry.

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