Housing: Does It Have to be Like This?
A Socialist Critique of New Labour's Performance
Socialist Renewal No. 53

By Cathy Davis & Alan Wigfield
December 2010
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9780851247823
33 pages
$17.50 Paper original

This pamphlet will identify the best of what was achieved by Labour governments in the past, by Labour ministers struggling against considerable opposition to achieve progressive legislation and large building programmes. This will be compared with what New Labour, with a massive electoral majority, has achieved in relation to council housebuilding and maintenance, anti-social behaviour and creating mixed communities.

What have been the effects of the twin restrictions on local authorities – in relation to new building and funding to achieve the Decent Homes Standard? Should council or housing association landlords have substantial powers over tenants’ personal behaviour, and has New Labour emphasis on dealing with anti-social behaviour changed the way that social housing is regarded.


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