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Image Culture
Media, Consumption & Everyday Life in Reflexive Modernity

By Andre Jansson
September 2001
Goteborg University Press
ISBN: 91-88212-43-2
388 pages, Illustrated, 6 1/8" x 8 7/8"
$77.50 Paper Original


We live in an era when cultural and economic activities blend together. Both the production and the consumption of commodities are increasingly matters of signification. Accordingly, our lifeworlds are filled with products promoted by the culture industry; they give shape to the environments of everyday life, as well as to our cultural frameworks. How do we manage to feel at home in such a world? Which are our cultural strategies? The aim of this book is to analyze how lifestyles and lifeworlds of different social groups are constituted, paying major attention to the significance of media and consumption practices. Weaving together phenomenology and cultural sociology, the aim is fulfilled by means of both qualitative and quantitative interview analysis. This is a doctoral dissertation.

Journalism; Sociology