Impatient for Change
European Attitudes to Healthcare Reform

By Helen Disney, et al.
November 2004
Stockholm Network
ISBN: 0954766300
215 pages, 5” x 7 ¾”
$34.50 Paper Original

Healthcare reform is one of the most emotive and intractable issues in European politics today. A matter of life or death for patients faced with failing health systems; political suicide for politicians unable to meet their publics demands for higher standards. But do Europe’s politicians really understand what voters want from their healthcare systems? And how can they square the circle of rising demand, rising costs and shrinking tax funding.

To find out, the Stockholm Network and Populus commissioned a major study of the attitudes of European publics on the state of their health systems now and what they expect from them in future. Leading healthcare experts from across Europe analyze the data, putting it into its national and pan-European context. Is ‘choice’ really a meaningful concept for patients? Will they pay more for healthcare and, if so, how? What do they think will happen if no reform takes place? If reform occurs, what should it look like and what are their priorities?


Populus National Polls and Commentaries:
Czech Republic


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